Strychnine Girl CDEP - Warped

Label:Rapido Records
Tracks:Strychnine Girl
Dog Eat Dog
Feed The Dog
Come And Get It

Rating: 3.5/5

Melbourne band Warped have been around for most of the 90ís, releasing two pretty forgettable albums through Au-GoGo. However, their latest EP, Strychnine Girl, is by the far the best thing Iíve heard from the band so far - theyíve definitely got their act together. Featuring a more rock and roll sound, the band mix classic heavy rock with Australian rock and roll Ė the type of thing Bored! were famous for. And lo and behold, not only do they cover Boredís Feed The Dog but they also get Dave Thomas to play guitar on it to. Itís easily the best thing on the EP, played with the same intensity and venom of the original. The rest of the EP features covers by Kiss, AC/DC and Grand Funk that while interesting are by no means essential although the title track rumbles along with another power to justify the hype surrounding the band.

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